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WA State Parks celebrates 101 years with free park entry

WA State Parks celebrates 101 years with free park entry

From the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission:


Washington State Parks turns 101 years old on Wednesday, March 19, and visitors are invited to help celebrate by getting out to enjoy a state park for free that day.

Failed medical marijuana bill could mean D.O.J. intervention

Failed medical marijuana bill could mean D.O.J. intervention

It may have been quiet inside Cured Collective medical marijuana shop Friday, but the owner Joseph Corcoran was celebrating a win. Corcoran says the bill to regulate medical marijuana (SB 5887) was "a disaster for patients."

The bill would have limited the amount of weed patients can possess, raise taxes, and finally provided oversight on this unregulated industry.

Corcoran even put a computer up in the shop for patients to email lawmakers and show opposition to the bill.

"We actually became part of the political system and it's kind of cool," Corcoran said.

Representative Kevin Parker says differences between legislators on how to split the future tax revenue killed the bill.

"There's a lot of ways in which people are proposing that money get spent, but Olympia also has a habit of spending money it doesn't yet have," Parker said.

The U.S. Department of Justice was likely watching a key part of the bill that deals with regulation. The DOJ sent a memo in August to Washington lawmakers that stated they would not intervene if the state followed eight guidelines. Regulating medical pot was also included in the memo.

New bill regulates THC production

New bill regulates THC production

A new bill passed by lawmakers will help make your neighborhood safer.

The bill focuses on hash oil, a highly concentrated liquid form of THC, the part of pot that makes you feel high. While some oil may sound harmless, the process to make it is anything but.

Last December, a Spokane man allegedly tried to make the oil in his car. Police say when he lit a cigarette, the car burst into flames, burning the man and his daughter.

Then, on January 31st, an apartment exploded because a person was allegedly using butane to make hash oil

"We were extremely fortunate in this case that nobody was killed," said Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer.

KXLY spoke to a medical marijuana dispensary owner who says he only buys from Seattle-area manufacturers dedicated to safely making hash oil.

"We don't take any donations from vendors who come in and have randomly made the stuff in their kitchen," said Joseph Corcoran, owner of Cured Collective. Corcoran said patients use the oil for extended pain relief.

"It lasts anywhere from four to 12 hours versus a shorter effect when you're smoking it," Corcoran explained.

Malfunctioning equipment, crew experience and training contributed to Shell 77 crash

Malfunctioning equipment, crew experience and training contributed to Shell 77 crash

A cascade of problems, from malfunctioning equipment to crew training and experience led to the catastrophic loss of a KC-135 over Kyrgyzstan last May and the deaths of three Fairchild Air Force Base airmen.

Air Mobility Command released its Accident Investigation Board report into the crash of Shell 77 Thursday morning in an online briefing presented by Brig. Gen. Steven Arquiette, the Inspector General for Headquarters Air Mobility Command at Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

That report detailed a series of events that led up to the crash of the KC-135 and the deaths of Capt. Mark T. "Tyler" Voss, Capt. Victoria A. "Tori" Pinckney, and Tech. Sgt. Herman "Tre" Mackey III.

The three airmen died on May 3, 2013, when their tanker crashed 11 minutes after their departure from the Transit Center at Manas on a refueling mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

The Flight

The tanker took off from Manas at 2:37 p.m. local time, 18 minutes before scheduled takeoff time, which was not unusual, Arquiette said. The forecast for takeoff included isolated thunderstorms and the cloud deck was at 12,000 feet.

Hoopfest registration open at midnight

Hoopfest registration open at midnight

The weather has warmed up and dried out, and the basketball courts are calling your name! Hoopfest is just 106 days away, and it’s time to start thinking about this year’s team. Registration for the world’s largest three-on-three tournament begins at midnight.

Inslee poised to sign legislation restricting teens from tanning salons

Inslee poised to sign legislation restricting teens from tanning salons

Governor Jay Inslee is expected to sign a bill that will make Washington State the sixth in the country that would prevent minors from using tanning beds, which has owners of local tanning salons, who rely on teen business, concerned.

Cindy Herring owns Jamaica Me Tan in Spokane Valley. Many of her clients are high school students and this legislation would stop most of them from tanning altogether.

"It's going to be difficult," she said.

Herring said she understands the health concerns but says educating young people is better than an all-out ban and that a better solution would be to regulate tanning for minors.

"Many other states have addressed, okay we need to have the signatures of children who are under 18 tanning and I agree with that, that's not going to hurt our business. It's going to let mom know that we're safe, it's going to let mom know the rules, the teenager know the rules, and that's the best thing you can do. Through education it's about safe tanning not risky tanning," she explained.

Air Force to release KC-135 crash report Thursday

Air Force to release KC-135 crash report Thursday

It's been more ten months since a Fairchild KC-135 air crew crashed during a refueling mission in Kyrgyzstan and Thursday morning the U.S. Air Force will finally explain what caused the tanker to break up in mid-air.

Right now the United States couldn't fight a war or even get to most battlefields without KC-135 tankers so when one of them crashes finding out why is a matter of national security.

Captains Mark Voss and Tori Pinckney and Tech Sergeant Tre Mackey were killed May 3, 2013 just 10 minutes into their aerial refueling mission. Their aircraft, dubbed Shell 77, had just taken off from the Transit Center at Manas, an airstrip halfway around the world that was Fairchild's home away from home.

From Manas, Spokane-based air crews refueled warplanes supporting coalition forces on the ground in nearby Afghanistan.

"And each and every day they are saving lives because they are passing fuel to receivers, fighter aircraft, bomber, reconnaissance aircraft that are engaging bad folks on the ground and taking care of business," Colonel Dwight Sones, the former commander of the Transit Center at Manas said during a 2010 interview.