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Fairchild unveils new wing headquarters

Fairchild Air Force Base unveiled its new wing headquarters Thursday morning.

The $13.5 Million facility, approved by Congress in 2011, will house the headquarters offices for the 92nd and 141st Air Refueling Wings.

The old headquarters, known as the "White House" on base, was built in 1943 during World War II.

"The significance of this is the future of Fairchild and this airbase is secure. This investment means that this community who has long supported Fairchild will continue to have a base that is really relevant," Senator Patty Murray (D) said after Thursday morning's ceremony.

Airmen will move into the new building over the next two weeks while the old headquarters building will be demolished in June and turned into a parade ground.

Aerospace company announces new Airway Heights manufacturing plant

Aerospace company announces new Airway Heights manufacturing plant

Kent, Wash. based Exotic Metals Forming Company has announced its building a 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility near the Spokane International Airport, a move that is expected to bring up to 150 new jobs to Spokane County.

Exotic Metals Vice President and CEO Doug Gines said Thursday his company, which employs 900 people right now took six years to finalize the deal.

"The skilled and motivated labor in the Airway Heights area and greater Spokane make it a great fit for us," Gines said.

The search for a new location went far and wide before landing at SIA.

"We actually extensively searched not only the United States but also outside of the United States and we feel that this fits our culture the best, the Spokane region. I think the workforce here is ready to go to work," Gines said.

Spokane County Commissioner Al French says Exotic Metals' decision to build in this area is another sign of continued growth for the aerospace industry in the Inland Northwest.

"We're taking advantage of this opportunity as a region," he said.

New home construction continuing to rise across Spokane County

New home construction continuing to rise across Spokane County

Building permits in Spokane County are on the rise again after taking a big hit early in the recession, another sign the regional economy is slowly improving.

According to the Spokane Homebuilders Association, the area hit a low point in 2011 with only 664 permits issued for new home construction. That number climbed to 874 in 2012 and topped 1,100 last year.

From Kendall Yards to Liberty Lake, things seem to be looking up for Spokane County.

"Over the last couple of years there's been a really exciting time for this market let alone River District," Jeremy Nichols with Greenstone Corporation said.

Nichols handles River District developments in Liberty Lake and has experienced the housing market rollercoaster firsthand.

"Statistically over the last couple of years we have tripled our sales in the last two years. In 2011 we sold 17 homes, 2013 we handed off 48 keys to homeowners," he said.

This year alone they are going to build another 35 homes in the River District and hundreds more between Spokane and Kootenai County.

"We just plotted 225 more lots heading north towards the river," Nichols said.

WSU Veterinary College warns animal owners of tick paralysis

WSU Veterinary College warns animal owners of tick paralysis

From WSU News:


Warming weather in the Pacific Northwest always brings with it a renewed threat of tick paralysis in animals and people.


WA State Parks celebrates 101 years with free park entry

WA State Parks celebrates 101 years with free park entry

From the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission:


Washington State Parks turns 101 years old on Wednesday, March 19, and visitors are invited to help celebrate by getting out to enjoy a state park for free that day.

Failed medical marijuana bill could mean D.O.J. intervention

Failed medical marijuana bill could mean D.O.J. intervention

It may have been quiet inside Cured Collective medical marijuana shop Friday, but the owner Joseph Corcoran was celebrating a win. Corcoran says the bill to regulate medical marijuana (SB 5887) was "a disaster for patients."

The bill would have limited the amount of weed patients can possess, raise taxes, and finally provided oversight on this unregulated industry.

Corcoran even put a computer up in the shop for patients to email lawmakers and show opposition to the bill.

"We actually became part of the political system and it's kind of cool," Corcoran said.

Representative Kevin Parker says differences between legislators on how to split the future tax revenue killed the bill.

"There's a lot of ways in which people are proposing that money get spent, but Olympia also has a habit of spending money it doesn't yet have," Parker said.

The U.S. Department of Justice was likely watching a key part of the bill that deals with regulation. The DOJ sent a memo in August to Washington lawmakers that stated they would not intervene if the state followed eight guidelines. Regulating medical pot was also included in the memo.

New bill regulates THC production

New bill regulates THC production

A new bill passed by lawmakers will help make your neighborhood safer.

The bill focuses on hash oil, a highly concentrated liquid form of THC, the part of pot that makes you feel high. While some oil may sound harmless, the process to make it is anything but.

Last December, a Spokane man allegedly tried to make the oil in his car. Police say when he lit a cigarette, the car burst into flames, burning the man and his daughter.

Then, on January 31st, an apartment exploded because a person was allegedly using butane to make hash oil

"We were extremely fortunate in this case that nobody was killed," said Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer.

KXLY spoke to a medical marijuana dispensary owner who says he only buys from Seattle-area manufacturers dedicated to safely making hash oil.

"We don't take any donations from vendors who come in and have randomly made the stuff in their kitchen," said Joseph Corcoran, owner of Cured Collective. Corcoran said patients use the oil for extended pain relief.

"It lasts anywhere from four to 12 hours versus a shorter effect when you're smoking it," Corcoran explained.