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Riverside State Park wants to make you Happy

Does visiting Riverside State Park make you Happy? That's the theme of a new music video they debuted this week.

Featuring a funky park ranger who isn't afraid to bust a move and hundreds of volunteers dancing to the hit song Happy by Pharell Williams, the video has already been viewed 12-hundred times since it was posted last Friday.

Anyone with a keen eye will also be able to pick out some of their favorite locations in the park, and maybe even a guest appearance by none other than Smokey Bear.

Riverside State Park is a 14,000-acre camping park along the Spokane and Little Spokane rivers. The park supports a wide variety of recreational activities and is rich in history.

Freshwater marshes, running rivers and beautiful countryside make up the terrain. The park also includes the Nine Mile Recreation Area which is available for camping, picnicking, swimming, fishing and boating.

Top 10 ways to be safe in the water

Top 10 ways to be safe in the water

The long Fourth of July weekend is a poplar time for many people to spend part of their holiday at the lake, and the American Red Cross offers ten steps people should take to be safe while enjoying the sun.

A recent Red Cross survey found that eight out of ten Americans are planning water activities such as going to the lake, pool boating or fishing this summer. A third of all Americans plan to swim at a place without a lifeguard. The Red Cross has launched an anti-drowning campaign this summer, promoting the top 10 ways to be safe in the water.

Fireworks sales kick off in Airway Heights

Fireworks are banned in the city and county of Spokane with few exceptions. One of the exceptions is Airway Heights, which allows fireworks but with some tight restrictions.

Wednesday is an exciting day in Airway Heights as, at 8 a.m., fireworks stands in the town were allowed to legally open for business. As the stands get ready to open the Airway Heights Fire Department made their rounds to conduct fireworks stand inspections.

Back in 2011 the residents of Airway Heights with waking up on July 5 countless spent fireworks, garbage, destruction mostly caused by people that don't live in town.

?Everybody from Spokane County that couldn't light fireworks off would come to Airway Heights, they would bring all sorts of fireworks, then set them off and not really care what's going on and then just leave,? Assistant Chief Doug Bonstrom with the Airway Heights Fire Department said.

So the town changed the municipal code so that fireworks can only be used on private property with the owner's consent.

Cenex Zip Trip accepting donations for Salvation Army backpacks

Cenex Zip Trip accepting donations for Salvation Army backpacks

Cenex Zip Trip stores across Spokane and Coeur d'Alene launched their Backpacks for Kids Campaign this week with The Salvation Army. The campaign runs through the end of July at all Cenex Zip Trip stores.

All customers who donate $1 or more will receive a coupon good for one free 20oz fountain drink on their next visit.

Last year Cenex Zip Trip raised more than $26,000 for children in need. The money raised goes to purchase much needed backpacks and school supplies for children whose parents cannot afford the basic supplies required by the school districts.

“These backpacks are giving children the tools they need to go back to school with confidence. It's amazing to see a local corporation like Cenex Zip Trip and its customers in the community come together to help our local youth,” said Spokane Corps Officer Major Steve Ball.

The Salvation Army plans to hand out more than 4,000 backpacks packed with supplies this year at their Backpacks for Kids distribution event.

Free carriage rides through downtown Spokane begin July 4

Free carriage rides through downtown Spokane begin July 4

Downtown Spokane is putting together a great plan for Fourth of July festivities, including free carriage rides!

Just announced today, everyone can enjoy a free carriage ride through the heart of downtown, presented by Downtown Spokane and sponsored by STCU.

The carriages run from 5 pm to 9 pm every Friday during July and August. Passengers must gather at the corner of Wall and Main and are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Local agencies partner up for drowning prevention

Local agencies partner up for drowning prevention

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office is teaming up with the Spokane Regional Health District and the Inland Northwest Drowning Prevention Coalition to stress the importance of life jackets and swimming safety measures.

With the holiday weekend approaching, the agencies are partnering to remind residents that preventing drownings is as simple as putting on a life jacket.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists failure to wear a life jacket as among the top reasons people drown, along with lack of swimming lessons, alcohol consumption and lack of supervision.

Half of drowning victims in Washington state did not intend to be immersed in water. Instead, they were fishing near a river or riding in a boat but slipped and fell in cold or swift water.

The partners are working together to boost safety, even offering 25 percent off coupons for a life jacket from Big 5 Sporting Goods which you can find here.

Burn ban on DNR forestland east of Cascades starts July 1

Burn ban on DNR forestland east of Cascades starts July 1

Another warning in the face of the upcoming Fourth of July weekend – the Washington State Department of Natural Resources has placed a burn ban on all DNR-protected land east of the Cascades.

Starting July 1 and running until September 30, the burn ban applies to all forestland under DNR fire protection.

“The seasonally dry weather creates a greater risk for wildfires,” said Commission of Public Lands Peter Goldmark. “A burn ban helps to prevent them and protects forests, habitat and property.”

So far this year DNR has already had 172 wildfire starts, which have burned approximately 779 acres across the state.

The ban applies to all outdoor burning on DNR forestland with two exceptions:

Recreational fires in approved fire pits

Gas or propane stoves and barbecue grills

Fireworks and incendiary devices like exploding targets, sky lanterns or tracer ammunition are also illegal.