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GoFundMe account to equip K9 Laslo with bulletproof vest

GoFundMe account to equip K9 Laslo with bulletproof vest

A bullet proof vest is a key piece of safety equipment for any two-legged law enforcement officer, but unfortunately it can be hard to find room in the budget to outfit the four-legged ones.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office is asking for help from the public to please donate a few extra dollars and cover the cost of a bulletproof best for K9 Laslo.

Carla Blazek from K9 Support NW has set up a GoFundMe account to raise the necessary $3,500. A similar fund done earlier this year helped outfit K9 Deacon with the Sheriff's office, and Laslo is already well on his way with $635 raised in just the last two days. You can make a donation here.

From their site:

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Hope for Hunny Bunny fundraiser

Hope for Hunny Bunny fundraiser

The family of four-year-old Annabelle is asking the public to open their hearts, and wallets, next Wednesday to help while she struggles with stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

Lovingly nicknamed Hunny Bunny by her family, Annabelle was diagnosed just before her birthday on September 10th. Doctors discovered three tumors and say the disease has spread to her bone barrow.

With an estimated 18 months of chemotherapy, radiation and new trial treatments ahead of her, Annabelle's family is hoping to draw on the community for support.

Wednesday, October 8, the Monteray Cafe at 9 N. Washington St. is holding an all-day fundraiser. From open to close, 20 percent of all proceeds will be given to the Hope for Hunny Bunny Support Fund. A silent auction and raffle will also be held, a t-shirts will be for sale.

If you are unable to attend but still want to help, a GiveForward online account has also been set up to receive donations. For more information, you can visit the Hope for Hunny Bunny page on Facebook.

Hoedown for HOPE fundraiser this weekend

Hoedown for HOPE fundraiser this weekend

Get your cowboy boots out and prepare to boogie at this weekend's Hoedown For HOPE, a fundraiser for children with hearing loss.

The event begins Saturday, October 4th at 5 pm at Riverside Place, 1108 W. Riverside, Spokane.

During the evening you will enjoy live music and dancing to Spokane's own rockabilly band “Sharecroppers,” dinner and dessert by London's Ultimate Catering, and fabulous items offered through raffles, live auction and prize packages. Tickets are only $55.

Last year more than 200 local and statewide professionals from the medical, educational and business communities attended, raising over $45,000 to support local deaf and hard of hearing children to listen and talk. The success of this event enables HOPE School to continue providing specialized services to all children with hearing loss, regardless of their families ability to pay full tuition, and also provides an opportunity to increase awareness of the effects of hearing loss and the benefits of accessing early intervention services.

INHS Community Wellness Calender for October

INHS Community Wellness Calender for October

Inland Northwest Health Services has announced their October lineup of classes designed to educate and assist members of the Spokane community. Times, dates and information are listed below. Registration is online at www.wellness.inhs.org.


Lunch and Learn

This class is the perfect solution for those looking for ways to add flavor to meals without using salt and processed foods. Join us to try homemade spice blends, hot sauces and a delicious twist on a curry salad and the traditional Sloppy Joe! Plus, take home the recipes for every dish you try.

Date: October 16

Time: Noon – 1 pm

Location: 501 N. Riverpoint Blvd., Suite 245

Cost: Free


Babysitting Basics

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Working 4 you: American spending shows positive signs for the economy

Working 4 you: American spending shows positive signs for the economy

Some good news for the economy. Americans are spending more!

Purchases of durable goods, such as furniture and cell phones are increasing. For the month of August, purchasing of such items increased 2% in America. That may not seem like a lot, but compare that to an increase of only 0.1% in July.

This is according to data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

But what drove the August rush in spending?

The biggest factor was auto sales, everything from cars to parts, which accounted for half the gains.

People typically don't make big purchases like cars unless they feel confident in the economy and their personal finances.

Overall, consumer spending increase a total of 0.5% in August.

Economists say the increase in spending is a good sign for the economy. Some say buyers are a critical indicator of the economy's health since they make up a majority of how much product gets produced in the United States.

After the financial crisis in 2008 and the recession, people cut back heavily on purchases. But, as more people are finding jobs, that should translate into more spending.

Working 4 you: Reducing your risk of breast cancer

Working 4 you: Reducing your risk of breast cancer

As most people know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but do you know how to reduce your risk of the disease?

Doctors say there are steps you can take now to reduce your chances of getting the disease in the future.

Taking steps to be healthy may not prevent all breast cancers, but for most women these steps can reduce the risks.

First, doctors say to watch your weight. Being overweight or gaining weight as an adult increases the chances of developing the disease, especially after menopause. So, eat well to keep you weight in check throughout your life.

Also, get some exercise. Experts recommend about 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise. If possible, include at least two strength training sessions a week, as well.

Also, don't smoke. Just another reason to quit if you do smoke. And if you drink, limit yourself to no more than one drink per day. Experts say the more alcohol you consume, the greater your chance of developing breast cancer.

If you are able to breast feed when you have children, doctors say this can offer some protection against the disease as well.