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Sex offender reportedly seen on EWU campus arrested in Virginia

Sex offender reportedly seen on EWU campus arrested in Virginia

An escaped violent sex offender who was reportedly spotted in Eastern Washington has been arrested in Virginia by U.S. Marshals.

Eric Eugene Hartwell, 51, cut off his ankle monitor and escaped from Denver a week ago.

The first possible sightings of Hartwell in the Inland Northwest started Thursday. Several students reported seeing him on Eastern Washington University's campus.

According to The Denver Channel, Hartwell was found in a motel where he refused to open the door. The Marshals broke down the door and took him into custody.

Hartwell was convicted of raping a 6-year-old in 1991 and attempting to rape a pregnant teen in 1996.

Hartwell does have convictions in Washington and had previously escaped from parole in this state.

Violent fugitive wanted in Colorado possibly spotted in Cheney

Students at Eastern Washington University are asked to be on the lookout after several possible sightings of a violent sex offender in the area.

"The initial sightings were not on campus," University Police Chief Tim Walters said. "Once we put out the, what we call 'timely warning' we had some people who called that possibly saw him on campus."

He said they've had three reports of possible sightings of 51-year-old Eric Eugene Hartwell. He's a convicted child rapist wanted out of Colorado for cutting off his GPS bracelet and fleeing the area a week ago. He was last registered at a half-way house in Denver.

"He does have ties to the northwest and he could be in this area," Chief Walters said. "Why he would be here, even if he is, we don't know."

Hartwell's convictions date back to the 90's where he molested his neighbor's 6-year-old daughter in Everett, Washington. A couple years later he picked up a pregnant teen hitch-hiking and attempted to rape her.

Victims' families angry with Inslee death penalty decision

Victims' families angry with Inslee death penalty decision

Washington Govenor Jay Inslee's decision to suspend executions of death row inmates has prompted a new senate bill, introduced by State Senator Steve O'Ban of Tacoma that has gained the support of the families of murder victims whose killers are on death row.

Three of the nine men on death row are from Spokane: Byron Scherf, who killed prison guard Jayme Biendl, Spokane serial killer Robert Yates, who killed 13 people, and Dwayne Woods, who beat two Spokane women to death.

Families of their victims are joining O'Ban to show Inslee his decision is not in favor of the victims. The bill will require Inslee to gather input from the state clemency and pardons board before signing a reprieve that would halt executions.

"Everyone here sees a name, but they don't get faces. This is Telisha," Sherry Shaver said.

Shaver is Telisha Shaver's mother; Telisha was one of two women beaten to death in 1997 by Dwayne Woods. She addressed the Senate Law and Justice Committee pleading on behalf of her daughter.

FDA considering revamping food labels

FDA considering revamping food labels

For the first time in 20 years, nutrition labels on the food you buy could get a big makeover.

Many people have walked through the grocery store, picked up something, tried to read the label and been totally confused. The print is very small, the information not cut and dry. Now the FDA wants to make shopping easier by changing these labels.

"They can be misleading," dietitian Natalie Tauzin said.

But for the first time in two decades, a major makeover, with new labels make calorie count bigger and highlight added sugars.

"So it would spell out how much sugar was added to this versus what was naturally in the milk," Tauzin said.

Tauzin, who works for the Spokane Health District, pointed out the new labels to help consumers decide what to grab from the shelves during a visit to Bargain Giant Foods.

"So it's 38 grams of sugar in this but there is nothing that would be a naturally sugar in this that is inherently in water so it's all added sugar," Tauzin said.

Aside from the larger calorie count print and added sugars column, the new labels will try to reflect what we actually eat, not what's ideal or recommended.

Winter reasserting itself in Washington

Winter reasserting itself in Washington

Winter is reasserting itself this weekend in Washington.

The National Weather Service says there's a chance of lowland snow in Western Washington while a surge of Arctic air will blow into Eastern Washington with the wind chill feeling as if it's well below zero.

Forecasters say the best chance of snow in Western Washington is in the Bellingham area where the cold air pushes through the Fraser River Valley.

The Weather Service expects wetter, milder weather to return next week in Western Washington. Below-normal temperatures will likely persist into early next week in Eastern Washington.

Another View on Extreme Team by Katy Dolan

Another View on Extreme Team by Katy Dolan

This cluster of rooms is home for children who have just been removed from horrible situations. But as we listen to the sounds of drilling, sawing, and Mark Peterson’s booming jokes, Sally’s House feels anything but sad.

Extreme Team worked this week to renovate Sally’s House, operated by The Salvation Army of Spokane. Sally’s House provides emergency shelter to kids ages 2-12. Kids are brought here when they cannot stay at home, usually due to abuse, neglect, or criminal activity. Law enforcement or Child Protection officers bring kids here because, according to Deputy Craig Chamberlin, they know that the fragile children will find a nurturing environment at Sally’s House. The loving Salvation Army workers feed the kids nutritious meals, give them a brand new set of PJs, and send them off to bed – sometimes, the first real bed that the child has ever slept in.

Sources: Shell 77 was torn apart in mid-air over Kyrgyzstan

One day after the last Fairchild KC-135 tankers returned home from Kyrgyzstan there is new information regarding the causes of the crash that claimed the lives of three 92nd Air Refueling Wing airmen there last spring.

Captains Mark Voss and Tori Pinckney and Tech Sergeant Tre Mackey were killed when their tanker broke apart in the skies above Kyrgyzstan on May 3, 2013.

Their aircraft had its tail torn off in mid-air and for the past ten months a pair of independent investigations has been trying to figure out why.

The first investigators to visit the crash scene must have been puzzled by what they saw. The fuselage of the tanker was mangled by the impact and still smoldering while, in a totally different location, parts from the rear of the aircraft that showed no signs of fire damage.

Most significantly, the rudder of the plane had separated and was missing from the tanker's tail section. Shell 77 had been torn apart in mid-air and caught fire only after the break-up.