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Air Force to release KC-135 crash report Thursday

Air Force to release KC-135 crash report Thursday

It's been more ten months since a Fairchild KC-135 air crew crashed during a refueling mission in Kyrgyzstan and Thursday morning the U.S. Air Force will finally explain what caused the tanker to break up in mid-air.

Right now the United States couldn't fight a war or even get to most battlefields without KC-135 tankers so when one of them crashes finding out why is a matter of national security.

Captains Mark Voss and Tori Pinckney and Tech Sergeant Tre Mackey were killed May 3, 2013 just 10 minutes into their aerial refueling mission. Their aircraft, dubbed Shell 77, had just taken off from the Transit Center at Manas, an airstrip halfway around the world that was Fairchild's home away from home.

From Manas, Spokane-based air crews refueled warplanes supporting coalition forces on the ground in nearby Afghanistan.

"And each and every day they are saving lives because they are passing fuel to receivers, fighter aircraft, bomber, reconnaissance aircraft that are engaging bad folks on the ground and taking care of business," Colonel Dwight Sones, the former commander of the Transit Center at Manas said during a 2010 interview.

New App the Block Watch of the future

New App the Block Watch of the future

It's called the Block Watch of the future, a relatively new app for your phone that helps your neighborhood stay safe and connected.

Fairwood Park near Whitworth University, is the kind of place where all of the neighbors know each other.

"We do annual clean-up days, we had a big Oktoberfest," said resident Kathy Maguire.

Maguire was recently introduced to the Nextdoor app, which she politely shared with her neighbors.

"Immediately when I connected to it, I realized it was the way our neighborhood needed to communicate," Maguire said.

On the app you can share recommendations on dentists, electricians, or babysitters. You can also alert your neighbors of a lost dog or even crime. It came in handy, Wednesday morning.

"All throughout our neighborhood there was break-ins in cars. So there were three posts this morning from residents just saying, 'hey, be aware."

Kathy's neighbors Pat and Chuck Burns have lived in Fairwood Park for 40 years. The former block watch captains say the Nextdoor app is the block watch of the future.

Mom asks community to remember daughter with acts of kindness

Mom asks community to remember daughter with acts of kindness

On July 10th, 2012, Jovie Sloan Preston died of SIDS at just 16 weeks old. This Sunday would have been her second birthday, and to celebrate her mom is hoping the community will spend March 16th spreading random acts of kindness in honor of her little girl.

Last year, Molly Preston celebrated Jovi’s birthday by thanking the first responders and doctors who helped her the day that she found her daughter dead in her crib after laying her down for a nap. Preston brought them cookies, but this year she wants to honor her daughter’s short life on a grander scale.

Sheriff's Office seeks youth for Explorers program

Sheriff's Office seeks youth for Explorers program

From the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office:

Spokane County Sheriff’s Explorer Program Needs You!!

Spokane County Sheriff’s Explorer Program is accepting application from young adults (16-21) who want to serve their community and are interested in learning about a career in Law Enforcement.

Proposed bill could mean headache for medical marijuana dispensaries and patients

The business of medical marijuana has largely gone unregulated. Soon, that could all change.

A new bill passed by the Washington Senate on Saturday (SB5887) lays out how medical pot shops will work in the new system. Dispensaries will have the same guidelines as recreational marijuana stores, so medical stores will have to apply for a license. Five percent of stores would be allowed to stay only medical. If they don't, owners will have to shut down by September 2015.

"A whole lot of people are thinking medical cannabis is going to go away, it isn't. It isn't what the state is looking for," said Paul Lugo, who owns the medical marijuana dispensary The Herbal Connection near the Garland District.

Lugo plans to apply for a license to keep his medical marijuana dreams alive, and says he's for some state oversight.

"We've got to be able to sit back and say, 'ok, even though we don't personally agree with this, or whatever, it may be best for the industry. We can't go completely unregulated," Lugo said.

Students invited to Doodle for Google

Students invited to Doodle for Google

Google is calling all kids to enter the 2014 Doodle for Google competition. Students from kindergarten to 12th grade are invited to enter their doodles interpreting the theme “If I could invent one thing to make the world a better place…”

State Patrol investigates crash that killed 2 EWU students

The Washington State Patrol is investigating an Eastern Washington University student in connection with a traffic accident that killed two college students near Colfax.

Investigation records in the vehicular homicide probe say 21-year-old Erica Polito Moss was drinking in a Pullman bar in the early morning hours of Feb. 21.

The Spokesman-Review reports that after a couple hours of sleep, Moss attempted to drive back to Cheney with three other young women all of them students at EWU.

The documents say her blood alcohol content registered a 0.081, which is above the legal threshold to drive.

Shortly before 5 a.m., her small car slid on what investigators say may have been black ice on state Highway 195. The car collided with a semi-truck pulling two trailers.