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Girl Scout Cookie Pre-Orders Start Today

It’s not quite the season for finding Girl Scout cookies at the grocery store, but you can still pre-order them. You just won’t get them until after March 23rd, but if you order them now, there’s a chance you’ll forget about it so when they arrive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To pre-order, you have to call the Girl Scouts and they’ll set you up with a local troop to order from. The phone number is 1 (800) 827-9478.

Their on-location sales start on March 23rd until April 15th.

Bullets and Ink: A Man's Spin On Life

Bullets and Ink: A Man's Spin On Life

Doyle Wheeler approaches life just like he does pens; everything is possible. Throw anything his way and he will make it work for him.

The first lathe Wheeler ever received was from his father. He tinkered with it off and on, not really committing to the craft but enjoying the rhythm of turning a pen. The first ones he ever made became Christmas gifts for family and friends but he insists they weren't any good.

It's what every budding artist – excuse me, craftsman – would say of their early work.

Craftsmanship is in Wheeler's blood. His grandparents built their home in Spokane from the ground up.

EWU Eagles Hosting Military Appreciation Night Saturday

EWU Eagles Hosting Military Appreciation Night Saturday

Eastern Washington University is hosting a Military Appreciation Night Saturday night as the Eagles host the Portland State Vikings.

This event gives the Eastern Washington Football team a chance to show their appreciation to local military personnel and their families. Military families get free admission to the game.

For gameday information click here or call your local Family Programs Office for details.

Kim Cole 509-844-1115– Spokane Readiness Center
Mary Thomas 509-247-7009– Fairchild Air Guard

EWU Fraternity Holds Haunted House Fundraiser

It's that time of year again for haunted houses and ghostly ghouls. But for one Eastern Washington University fraternity it's time for a haunted fundraiser for their philanthropy group.

Sigma Phi Epsilon is turning their fraternity house into a haunted mansion to raise money for the charity Youth AIDS. Last year they donated more than $500, but this year they hope to raise even more.

The haunted house will be open Friday and Saturday, October 28th and 29th from 7:00 - 11:00 p.m.  It costs $5 to get in and all the proceeds go to charity.

Here's a look at their haunted house from 2009.

Local Motocross Community Comes Together To Honor Austin Krum

The local motocross community came together to honor the life of Austin Krum, the Spokane Valley teen who died last Saturday while competing in a motocross race at the ORV Park in Airway Heights.

Salvation Army Charity Celebrity Go-Kart Race

Salvation Army Charity Celebrity Go-Kart Race

Part of the job as an anchor or reporter entails philanthropy work, and KXLY's Colleen O'Brien headed up one philanthropy that consisted of pure fun, racing go-karts. Tough work, I know. She gathered a KXLY crew to race in the first ever Salvation Army Charity Celebrity Go-Kart Race.

Spokane Kart Racing Association asked for her help to make the event happen. It's trying to spread the word about the track in Airway Heights. Colleen got the Salvation Army on board, in which she just so happens to be a board member.

Cheney Community Center Reopens, Finally

In a week when temperatures are reaching well into the 90's, it's difficult to imagine the record-setting winter of 2008-2009.  More than 6 feet of snow fell during a four-week period starting in early December, shutting down businesses, making roads impassable, and collapsing roofs throughout our region.  If you need a reminder of just how bad it was, watch the video above.