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Honor Flight pays tribute to Shell 77 crew

Honor Flight pays tribute to Shell 77 crew

Inland Northwest Honor Flight takes local vets to Washington DC to visit the national memorials, but the most recent flight honored another crew, the Fairchild airmen of Shell 77 who died when their KC-135 crashed in Kyrgyzstan last May.

There were close to 90 veterans aboard the Honor Flight at Spokane International Airport Tuesday morning, including John Ponis and Clayton Peterson, two WWII veterans who have been friends she they were drafted together and served in the Army.

"We have been together ever since Fort Lewis induction center," John Ponis said.

It was back in 1945 while in boot camp that Ponis met his lifelong best friend Clayton Peterson. The only significant time the two have spent apart was an 11-month stretch during their deployment

?He ended up on a different island and when we came back he was on a different ship,? Peterson explained.

After being discharged the two found each other again and looked for jobs in eastern Washington, where they ended up finding work on the Columbia Basin Project.

Honor Flight dedicates trip to Fairchild airmen killed in Kyrgyzstan

Honor Flight dedicates trip to Fairchild airmen killed in Kyrgyzstan

Spokane Honor Flight is taking off Tuesday morning, sending World War II veterans to the nation's capital to experience their memorial, free of charge.

Honor Flight is a way to remember those who have served, and those who never came home. More than 100-thousand World War II veterans have flown to Washington D.C. to visit the memorial that honors their service and sacrifice and reminisce with fellow servicemen.

"It is a way of recognizing and rewarding the sacrifices in some cases of veterans who have served our country," says veteran Richard Nowell, scheduled for Tuesday's flight.

This particular flight is dedicated to the three airmen from Fairchild Air Force Base who list their lives during a refueling mission when their KC-135 crashed last year in Kyrgyzstan.

"I think it's quite an honor to those three who lost their lives in the service of our country. I think it's a great great way to dedicate this particular honor flight," says Nowell.

The 89 veterans on this flight will return on Wednesday.

Teams needed to run the TC50

Teams needed to run the TC50

It's time for runners to sign up for the 4th annual TC50 Relay Race! The name “TC50” stands for Teen Closet and... 50 miles! The race consists of a 50 mile course, consisting of 10 legs (they are not equal in length).  Spokane area high schools are used as start/finish, water stops and transitions. The focus is on the high schools, because that is the age group most served by Teen Closet.

The race is Saturday, June 14th.  Teams of up to 10 can compete.  All ages and athletic abilities are welcome. The cost is $300 per team up to 10 runners, $200 for high school teams. There is an increase in registration fee if your team signs up after May 31st.

Spokane mother receives kidney transplant

Spokane mother receives kidney transplant

Jenn Shuman is a 32-year-old wife and mother of two. Like most mothers, her dream is to watch her children grow.

In December she found out that dream was in jeopardy, when she was placed on the transplant list for a new kidney.

"Her dad passed away from kidney disease when she was 15 years old," said Tanya Ogden, a longtime family friend of Shuman's.

On average a person can wait almost two years on the transplant list. With 99,201 thousand people on the transplant list waiting for a kidney, only 14,029 were donated in 2013.

However, last Tuesday, Shuman received a kidney.

A bunch of people tested to find out if they are matches for her, and her mom happened to be a match.

Shuman and her kidney, she named Sidney, have a long battle ahead.

"We're just trying to raise more money for the medication she is going to need for the anti-rejection medication and hospital bills," said Shuman.

Odgen and members throughout the community have come together to raise money for Shuman and her family.

"The medication can range anywhere from $300 a month clear up to like $900 a month," said Ogden.

Trading cards offer Bloomsday trivia

Trading cards offer Bloomsday trivia

After a successful first race in 2013, the Bloomsday Trading Cards are back, and this year they have some new characters for you to collect.

There are eight new Bloomsday characters that represent the 50,000 unique Bloomies that hit the course every year.

Local bands compete for your Bloomsday vote

Local bands compete for your Bloomsday vote

Every year local bands and radio stations line the Bloomsday course providing entertainment for all the Bloomies. Bloomsday has released the bands that will be providing entertainment and competing for your vote along the course.