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Pampered Parrots Rescue
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Pampered Parrots Rescue

The Christian run rescue organization “Pampered Parrots” is hosting a free event on August 20th from 12pm – 3pm with door prizes and raffle items such as Indians’ tickets, gift certificates to local restaurants, cookie baskets and much more! Bring your own bird down and meet some of the local birds (please have your bird in a cage, harnessed, or free flight trained) and see what the local bird rescue, “Pampered Parrots” is all about. 

Pampered Parrots is a Christian run rescue and have placed over 500 birds that have come through their doors since 1999.  Each bird they have rescued has been evaluated behaviorally and medically.  The birds are worked with or rehabilitated as needed and either placed in foster care for extensive positive behavior modification, placed in sanctuary for those birds that would not benefit from continuing as a companion, or placing the birds in a new family home of their own.

Pampered Parrots’ focus on being the small rescue with heart. We are family oriented and believe companion birds should live in a positive flock mentality. They aren't big and fancy, but  are growing. They guarantee to give each bird individualized attention and do what is right for the bird. They also DO NOT SELL BIRDS! An adoption fee is associated with each rescue based on care, vet procedures, nutrition and other comprising factors.

Business Hours:
Mon-Sat 8-7pm
Sun closed

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Emergencies.

P.O. Box 1644
Airway Heights, WA 99001

Phone: (509) 218-3438
Email: PPAR@pamperedparrots.org





Events, Families, Pets

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